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Get The Keys!


What is "Get the Keys"?

A free program that guides you in transitioning from renting to purchasing your own home.


Finally, there is a strategic program that will help guide you from beginning to end! 







Dispelling The Myths...Goodbye Renting. Hello Owning!




This is the most common myth when it comes to purchasing a home. Here in North Carolina, there are (DPA) Down Payment Assistance programs that contribute up to $10,000 towards the qualified buyer’s down payment and/or closing costs.





While excellent credit is helpful in attaining better interest rates and loan program benefits, as a First Time Buyer lenders understand that unforeseen circumstances, school loans, and medical situations occur. That’s why more lenient programs have become available to aid the buyer in their purchase. Programs with less down payment and lower credit scoring are available.





Being able to afford a home seems out of reach while leasing. The “Get The Keys” program will guide you to save money over time, increase your credit score to qualifying, and position you to get pre-approved by the time your lease is complete. You’re not alone! An assigned Real Estate Coach will consult with you to create a plan to help you afford your new home.









How Do I Get Started?


Step 1. Decide


Making a choice is the toughest part of the journey. Upon deciding to move forward and committing to the program, you will be assigned an accountability Real Estate Agent to coach you through the process.


Step 2. Evaluate


Everyone’s journey is unique and requires different attention. We will evaluate your situation and needs to determine how your journey will help you reach success.


Step 3. Customize Your Plan


This is where your journey comes alive. We create a strategic plan that’s easy, attainable, and specific to your timeline.


Step 4. Coaching


Your Real Estate Coach will check in to make sure you stay on task, encourage you, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan for your success.


Step 5. Get The Keys


This is where we prepare you for loan pre-approval, begin property tours, and select your home for purchase.



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