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Country Style Home

Let's Not Just List Your Home...

Let's Sell It!


I Get It


I am familiar with the fears, emotions, and challenges of selling your beloved home. 

With the latest tools, we can get your home sold quickly and for all its worth! 



What to Expect:


  • Updates throughout the process via text, email or call. You will always know what is happening with your property.

  • Thorough research to determine the best and highest selling price of your home

  • Top shelf marketing and staging of your home if needed.

  • Honest professional feedback


Free Tips For Selling Your Home Faster Than Others

These are some small details that will not cost you a lot of money but can make the difference enticing a buyer to choose your home over the competition. A minor makeover can improve the home's general "WOW" factor, giving it a competitive edge in today's market and allow you to sell faster, and maybe for more money.



First Impressions Are Everything!


Sweep and clean up your front entrance. Scrub, repaint or replace the front door if needed since buyers will spend more time here than any other place waiting for the agent to unlock the door.



Start With The Outside 


Give the house a fresh coat of paint if necessary, add shiny hardware to the front door and plant a few flowers to send a subliminal message the house is loved and well cared for. This could add greatly to your profit.



Nice Bathrooms Help To Sell Homes


Check caulking and remove mildew. Display fresh, clean towels and make the room attractive. Buy new ones at the dollar store for display if needed. Spray a light fragrance and make the room pleasant smelling. Buyers love a fresh looking and smelling bathroom! Contact me here for some free tips on how to make your bathroom sparkle on a tight budget.



Do The Important Updates


Paint and Carpet is the biggest bang for your buck if you are on a budget and had to pick some updates. Do not worry about picking the wrong color or style, I will help. If you are not on a budget, kitchens, and baths sell homes, PERIOD!



Simple Repairs Can Make You Serious Dollars 


When a buyer sees things that need fixing, they see dollar signs, and begin to wonder what else might need work that they can't see. Be sure to repair any loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, broken light switches and other minor flaws. These defects subtract from the value of the home and buyers always exaggerate the real costs to make these repairs. It will be far less costly to do them before the buyer flags the repairs and low balls your house.



Clear It Until It Shines! 


Cleaning is cheap to do and brings a HUGE return on your investment. Never has a buyer ever not make an offer because a house was too clean.



Make Showing Easy 


Try to be somewhere other than home during showings. The goal is to have the buyer feel relaxed, and not rushed when viewing your home. If you are present, they may not be comfortable looking at the details or asking questions. Further, it is the Realtor who knows what the buyer is looking for. They are better able to emphasize those key points if you aren't tagging along. Homes where owners will not leave take 4 to 5 times longer to sell or they never do.  

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